Refreshing raspberry-coconut smoothie

Summer is still around and we are searching for different methods to cool down our bodies. We can do that by serving cold drinks or food but we can also do that by using the ingrediends which have cooling properties. Raspberry-coconut smoothie contains mint which realises its essence and pleasantly cools us down. The coconut water and melon are very refreshing and raspberries give the smoothie the fruity taste. When I drank it I felt pleasant coolness in my stomach :)


- a quarter of honey melo (peeled, pitted and chopped)
- 1 small box of raspberries
- 2 large branches of fresh mint
- 300 ml of coconut water (make sure you are using the organic one from a good source)

In a tall jug blend the raspberries, melon and mint. Then, add coconut water and blend until it's smooth. You can cool the smoothie for some time in the fridge and put some mint leaves on top.