Memoirs from Pigalle in New York City

Because it is my first post opening the blog, I would like it to be special. That’s why today I will share with you my favourite story from New York City.
In 2011-2012 I took part in an au pair program and I travelled to United States for a few months. It was my biggest dream to feel like Kevin (from Home Alone 2: List in New York, which is a cult Christmas movie in Poland). My host family lived in the suburbs of Washington DC, so I had to go to Big Apple by bus. Kalina, my friend from Poland, also joined me. Together we spent the best weekend of our lives.

It’s impossible to describe NYC in just a few words, but it’s definitely very dynamic, colourful and you won’t get bored there. What we seen in movies is just a fraction of what is actually going on once you get to the Times Square or Central Park. Every second something attracts your senses: the flashing lights of Broadway commercials, the sound of Lincolns and yellow taxis or the smell of “Nuts4Nuts”
 After a long walk and exploring the city, we decided to eat something. We were reaaaaly hungry and we wanted to get warm at some cozy place.  We felt very cold as it was December, just before Christmas.  After going around through the menus of some restaurants we picked the one called Pigalle- with French cuisine. The place was crowded, but luckily the waiter found a lovely table by the window for us. From there, we could have a view of the street and the people rushing to run their errands. We started with some hot tea and we ordered chicken bacon salads as the main dish but we did not expect such big portions!

I will always remember my visit in that place. While sitting there, I realised that my biggest dreams came true, even though many people advised me not to go for the program. I felt strong, happy and satisfied. And for you, I also wish that you have this moment of your life when you sink in the atmosphere of the city and the taste of your food. Remember this wonderful moment as well as I do.