Chinese plum sauce

This aromatic sauce is a perfect match for fatty meat dishes, especially the duck. The recipe comes from Asian cuisine and the ripe plums and five-spice powder are the basis for it. I learnt about five-spice powder when I was making the crispy Chinese duck. It turned out that you marinade the duck with it. The five-spice powder consists of SOLELY the following ingredients: anis, pepper, cinnamon, fennel seeds and ginger. Always check out the ingredients! When I went to the supermarket and I took the spice of a popular producer called "five-spice powder" it turned out that it contains artificial aromas and other chemical additives. Plus, it did not even contain the five spices. That's why I bought it in a local herb shop. It's also available in online shops or else you can even do it yourself by mixing the spices I have enumareated before in equal proportions. But coming back to the sauce. Here's the recipe!


- 250 g of ripe plums
- 2 tablesp of cane sugar
- 1 teasp of soya sauce
- 1/2 teasp of five-spice powder
- little water

Cook the plums with a small amount of water and the sugar until they get soft and realise some juice. Add the five-spice powder and soya sauce. Cook 1 more minute. Mix thoroughly with a hand blender. Ready!