Banana-pear millet groats

When I read in Beata Pawlikowska's book (Polish author, traveller, journalist) about the health benefits of the millet groats I knew I must try and decide if I would include them in my daily menu. I easily found millet groats in every supermarket and a grocery store (it's best to get the ones that are organic). I prepared them the same way that I did my oatmeal: cooked with milk, served with fruit and sunflower seeds. The meal was as good that I feel like cooking it every day and I make this effort to take my time in the morning and simmer it for 20 min. It's really worth it! It has a lot of health benefits, wonderful taste and on top of that it gives great energy for the whole day. Today I am giving you my recipe for the millet groats I have cooked the last few days, but you can prepare them in many different ways. I am sure there will be many more recipes for the millet groat on my blog in the future.

A few heath benefits of millet groats:

- they are a rich source of lecitin, which improves our memory and attention
- they are a rich source of silica which makes our skin, nails and hair beautiful
- they lower the level of bad cholesterol
- they have detoxing properties
- they have a lot of B-group vitamins
- easy to digest, gluten free

Ingredients for one portion of millet groats:

- 3 tablesp of millet groats
- 250 ml of milk
- half banana
- half pear
- a few chopped almonds

Put the millet groats in a sieve and pour some hot boiling water all over them. This way you clean them and get rid of the unwanted bitter taste. Place them in a pot and pour the milk. Cook until it boils. Simmer and stir from time to time for about 15-20 min until the milk is almost absorbed and the millet groats are soft. In the meantime slice the pear and banana. Pour the millet groats into a bowl and put the fruit on top. Garnish with the almonds.