Mango lassi

Since I practically do not drink anything except for water, tea and freshly squeezed juice, I had been hesitating to try mango lassi for a long time. I was not sure what that was- juice, smoothie, cocktail? Nothing of that sort. Mango lassi is just mango lassi.  Nothing can compare to this taste. This delicious, sweet drink has its roots in Indian and Pakistan cuisine. The exotic mix of fresh mango with Greek yoghurt gives it perfectly creamy texture and sweet taste. The secret of mango lassi is in mango- the sweeter the better. If mango is juicy and ripe, you don’t need to add any sugar. You can serve it with ice in the summertime, then it’s pleasantly cooling. I encourage you to try my recipe- it’s one of my favourite :) The picture above shows mango lassi served in the Vietnamese restaurant LeLe in Copenhagen.

Ingredients for 3 servings:

-          600 g of fresh mango (it should be soft, ripe and sweet)
-          200 g of Greek yoghurt
-          100 ml of milk
-          2 teasp of cane sugar (it is not necessary to add sugar if the mango is very sweet)

Peel the mango skin, cut into pieces and place in a high jug.
Tip: When you only have the seed left try to squeeze it over the jug (there’s quite a lot of juice left there).

Blend the mango until you receive a smooth texture. Then, add the yoghurt, milk and sugar. Blend around half minute until everything is mixed thoroughly. Serve after cooling in the fridge for a while.