Vanilla-plum whole wheat cake

This weekend I am celebrating the end of my house renovation. Hurray! What a relief, it’s finally over! I felt like celebrating it with a plum cake. However, I decided to add some vanilla flavour to it...You can see the result of my idea here.

Ingredients for a baking form size approx. 23x25 cm:
Important! The cup I am using for measurement has the capacity of 250 ml of liquid
- ½ kg of plums
- 250 g of whole wheat flour
- 125 g of butter
- ½ cup of cane sugar
- 1 egg
Vanilla pudding:
- 1 vanilla pod
- 750 ml of milk
- 8 tablesp of cane sugar
- 4 tablesp of potato starch
- 4 egg yolks
- 1 tablesp of butter
-  125 g of butter
- 2/3 cup of cane sugar
- 1 cup of flour

Knead the dough ingredients in a bowl. Put the baking paper in the form and spread the dough evenly.

Cut the plums into halves and pit them, set aside.

Cut the vanilla pod into half and extract the seeds from the inside. Cook together 500 ml of milk, sugar, butter, vanilla and vanilla seeds in a pot.  In a separate bowl mix together (preferably with a whisk) 250 ml of milk, starch and egg yolks. While mixing the boiling milk in a pot, slowly add the content of the bowl. Turn the heat down, simmer and stir. The pudding will become very thick. Cook around 1 min mixing all the time. Pour the hot pudding over the dough in the form and make the surface even. Remove the vanilla pod. Place the plums next to each other (skin down) on the surface of the vanilla pudding.

In a separate bowl mix the ingredients for the crumbles. If they are still too buttery add extra flour. Sprinkle all over the cake. Put in the oven pre-set to 220 Celsius degrees and bake for around 50 min. Serve garnished with the powdered sugar.