Cocoa dough cheesecake

This is an old cult recipe in my family. I found it a few years ago on a website of a Polish-German family, on which you can find a lot of other interesting recipes. The link to the original one is here. The cheesecake can be made in a round form (of approx. 26 cm), square or rectangular- I did it this time, but the cheesecake will be slightly lower. It all depends on your preferences, I thoroughly recommend :)

Vietnamese Pho Soup

In the autumn last year my friend said he would take me to the best soup in the city. I did not take it seriously at all but I eagrely walked to the restaurant since I am very passionate about discovering new tastes and places. That place was not different from many other Asian restaurants in Copenhagen that I had visited before. It was Monday and Mondays are usually slow days. It was very quiet and cozy then. We knew what we came for on the spot- for that biggest promise which was the soup- Pho soup, but I didn't know the name at that time. After a few minutes the waiter brought us a few spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce- they were good, very good I'd say, but we were still waiting for the soup. After a moment he came back- now with a plate of herbs to my surprise. We did not order something like that, I thought, but I asked my friend what that was. Completly unmoved, he replied this was garnish for the Pho soup. Finally, it arrived- the main attraction of the evening- steamy and aromatic, looking like an ordinary chicken soup, maybe sligthy darker. My friend told me that I should place the fresh herbs, lime, chilli pepper and bean sprouts on top of the soup. So, I finally tried it. That was amazing! The taste was so good that I will never forget that! It was a prefect match of the beef boulion with anise, cinnamon, fennel seeds, ginger...stunning! And on top of that crunchy bean sprouts and tender beef... 

My culinary skills cannot compare to the skills of the master who made the best soup I had ever eaten. However, since last week I felt so much like eating the soup again and I decided to cook it on the basisis of a few Internet recipes that I found. The result- not that great like the prevous time but definitely delicious and satisfying.
There's a lot to say and write about Pho soup, as it can be made in many different ways, but today I am presenting the easiest of all.

Chinese eggplant

Chinese eggplnt is one of my favourite dishes of Asian cuisine. It is not an easy topic because it quickly absorbs the oil on which it is being cooked and you always have to add more and more. In order to prevent that and make the dish light, you need to pre-soak the eggplant in the water with salt.
Secondly, eggplant does not have such a strong taste and that's why the sauce in this recipe is quite aromatic and makes the taste more interesting. I also recommend making this dish with some pork meat. You can just finely chop the meat and fry after adding ginger, garlic and onion.  

Polish Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is one of the essential dishes of Polish cuisine- it is common in every Polish household and made in many different ways. Until recently, I thought that chicken soup cannot be made without adding boullion cubes- othewise it would be tasteless and too plain. 

Mexican pancakes

The Mexican pancakes is a delicious idea for lunch or dinner for those who love meat and spicy food. Unfortunately, I was unable to find fresh chilies in my region at the moment and I am currently using the ground ones. However, if you have the possibility to use the fresh ones do not hesitate.
I thoroughly reccommend the tomato sauce which is a part of this recipe. It is really tasty and you can use it for pastas and lasagna as well, and you can add your favourite herbs such as basil or oregano.    

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins

Pumpkin season is still on and today I am presenting you another recipe for pumpkin: pumpkin-cheesecake muffins! The fusion of pumkin and cheesecake creates a very suprising autumn taste. The muffins are topped with delicious brown crumbles with cinnamon. That all reminds me of my first Thanksgiving in the beautiful East Coast :)

DIY cooked ham

An important part of leading a healthy lifestyle is avoiding highly processed food- the one that is made in a factory and enriched in preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring and other additives. In order to avoid that it's best to bake, cook and prepare meals at home from good quality ingredients. Let's be honest, it's time-consuming but in a long run it pays off- it's the best investment in your wellness and good health. 
One of the most problematic food items is, in my opnion, ham and sausage. I've been searching for a chemical-free ham and sausage for a while without any result- at least in the place where I live. So I decided to start making my own ham. It could seem time-consuming and requiring special equipment but that's not true! Today I am presenting a simple recipe for a cooked homemade ham which you can eat for lunch with your favourite bread. This kind of hame is free from artificlal flavours, preservatives and other chemical additives. Just try! 

DIY egg noodles

Why should you bother yourself to make noodles at home if you can easily get them in every supermarket? If you have never tried homemade noodles you probably have no idea that there is a big difference between these two products. Fresh organic eggs play a key role in making homemade noodles. Make sure they come from a good source, always buy organic, especially for this recipe. Making noodles at home might be time consuming but I really encourage you to try at least once- it will be a pleasant tasty surprise :).

Pumpkin pie

Pumkin season has already stared and that's why it's high time for pumpkin pie! It reminds me of American tradition, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even though they are not celebrated in Poland or the counry where you might be from, it's worth acquainting oneslef with them, especially from the culinary side. I baked a pumpkin pie last year but it can't compare with the one I did yesterday. It owes its delicate creamy texture to condensed milk. I got inspired by this recipe.