DIY egg noodles

Why should you bother yourself to make noodles at home if you can easily get them in every supermarket? If you have never tried homemade noodles you probably have no idea that there is a big difference between these two products. Fresh organic eggs play a key role in making homemade noodles. Make sure they come from a good source, always buy organic, especially for this recipe. Making noodles at home might be time consuming but I really encourage you to try at least once- it will be a pleasant tasty surprise :).


- 750 g of all-purpose flour + ok. 100-200 g for sprinkling
- 5 good quality eggs (make sure they are organic)
- 120 ml of water

On a large clean board or a tabletop make a crater out of the flour. Crack all the eggs inside and start kneading the dough. After a while add the water. This will prevent the noodles from being too hard. Knead until you receive a ball of an even texture. Form a cylinder shape. Next cut it into approx. 5 pieces. Spread some flour into your tabletop and roll out one piece of the pastry, make it very thin. Then, cut it into thin long slices. Put through the pasta maker. You can cook your noodles straight away in slated water for approx. 7 min. or dry them and use later. In order to dry them, spread the noodles on a large board and sprinkle with flour. Mix to prevent from sticking together. They match perfectly with the chicken soup.