Polish Shortbread Mini Croissants with Plum Marmalade

It's one of the old recipes from my mum's notebook which she got from her colleague at work. I came across quite a dilema while translating the name of the dough the croissants are made of. It says in the notebook that it's "half-puff pastry" but I think it's much closer in the texture to shortbread and that's why I've decided to stick to it. If somebody knows about the exact name for this pastry in English please let me know in your comments!
Irrespective of the name, the croissants were extremely popular during our last family gathering. They are really delicious and literally melt in your mouth. If you add you home made plum marmalade (which I don't have this year, unfortunately)- they will disappear from the table very fast :)   


- 500 g of margarine (make sure it's non-salted, it should be for baking)
- 500 g of dry cottage cheese
- 1 kg of self-raising flour
- 2 jars of marmalade jam

Make a crater from the flour and chop in the margarine and sprinkle the dry cottage cheese. Knead the dough quite fast and make sure it's smooth. Divide the dough into a few parts. Roll out each part making sure it's 3-4 mm thick. Draw a circle on the flat dough surface (you can use a round baking form for that). Then divide into 8 triangles. Put a teaspoon of the marmalade in the middle of each triangle and roll from the outside. Direct the endings of the rolls inside so that the croissant shape is formed. Bake the croissants in the oven pre-set to 200 C degrees (or 180 C degrees in a convection oven) for around 20 minutes. Once they are baked and cooled pour some icing all over them.