Orange Hot Chocolate

Today morning on my way to the supermarket I heard a talk of two ladies: " I have magnesium deficiency...", "And what are you going to do?", "I am taking the magnesuim dietary supplements.". At once I thought about dark chocolate :) It's a rich source of magnesium. It also helps to improve memory, brightens your mind and boosts your energy level. It's also a good way to warm up in cold days. Besides, we cannot allow ourselves to let our magnesium level go rapidly down, can we? :) But seriously, we should not overuse chocolate of course, but today I allowed myself to have a moment of pleasure with a cup of orange hot chocolate. If you've never tried you DEFINITELY should! 


Ingredients for two servings (each approx. 300 ml):

- 100 g of good quality dark chocolate (I used the one with 60% of cocoa)
- 500 ml of whole milk
- juice and zest of 1/ medium orange
- 1/4 teasp of ground cardamon
- 1/4 teasp of ground ginger
- a pinch of cinnamon
- 3 whole cloves

Pour the milk and orange juice into a pot. Add the chocolate (chopped) and all the spices. Simmer and stir with a wisk until the chocoale melts. When it starts boiling set the pot away. Sieve the chocolate and pour into your favourite cups. Enjoy hot :)