Cinnamon plums with crumble

If you feel like having something sweet but you are definitley not into making a cake try this one! Cinnamon plums with crumble feel like a homemade cake but in fact are superquick and easy to prepare- IN TWO STEPS ONLY!

Polish krokiety with cheese and champignons

Yesterday I went to the local supermarket thinking what to make for dinner. Then, on the fridge shell I saw a few ready-made items. Let's see, I thought. Ready made pierogi, noodles, curry, krokiety! Yes that was it :) But then, there goes a long list of ingredients which I cannot even pronounce...I was definitely not gonna eat that but I already had the craving for krokiety. I mustn't be that difficult- thin pancakes with stuffing fried in crunchy breadcrunch. Man, it took me two and a half hours to make (probably because it was my first time), but was it worth it? Absolutely! Try out one of the traditional Polish dishes. Often served at Polish weddings along with red borscht soup.